Punk is Freedom

Never mind the bollocks, here’s the designer punk pumps and handbag. Huh? We’ve seen this before. The commodification of punk rock happened a long time ago, back when it all began in the 1970s. This almost always happens with zeitgeist moments. So, nothing should surprise me and my seen-it-all punk rock soul at this point. … Continue reading Punk is Freedom

Birthday Girl

You knew I had to write a little something in honor of the White Gold Queen herself, Michelle Pfeiffer, on her 64th birthday today, April 29, 2022. I’ve blithered on before about how happy it makes me to share a birthday month and zodiac sign with my favorite actress, so I’ll spare you further incessant … Continue reading Birthday Girl

Diamond Month

My fellow writer, blogger, and longtime Pfeiffer pfanatic pfriend Paul from Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies has brought to my attention that the Starfire Lounge turns two years old this week. It feels like only yesterday, one month into a global pandemic that’s still going (sorta) strong, that I felt a spark of inspiration and … Continue reading Diamond Month

Five Easy Pieces

“I don’t know if you’d be particularly interested in hearing anything about me. My life, I mean… Most of it doesn’t add up to much that I could relate as a way of life that you’d approve of… I’d like to be able to tell you why, but I don’t really… I mean, I move … Continue reading Five Easy Pieces

Middle Finger Monday

Social media users loves a good days-of-the-week hashtag, and Monday has its share of them. There’s Monday motivation, Monday mood, Monday morning, Monday blues, and more. My favorite, the one that most speaks to my sensibilities and feelings about Mondays, would have to be Middle Finger Monday. Flipping the bird is one of life’s most … Continue reading Middle Finger Monday


For reasons unknown I’ve recently found myself basking in the seismic soundscapes of the Greatest Rock and Roll Band of All Time, Led Zeppelin. Okay, hold up, that’s not quite true. The part about “reasons unknown,” I mean. The part about greatest band ever might actually be true. You wouldn’t get an argument from me … Continue reading Zep

Hurricane Nomi

We knew nothing of Nomi Malone’s past, sordid or otherwise, when we signed the leggy, athletic, and disturbingly enthusiastic stripper—sorry, dancer!—for a residency at the Starfire Lounge. She mentioned something offhand about dancing in Vegas before she took the stage and shook her sweet ass for us. I don’t know if what she did was … Continue reading Hurricane Nomi


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