Rest in Paradise, Angel

What a sad, shocking start to 2021. Pop culture icon Tanya Roberts has passed away and from what little we’ve heard so far, it was sudden and unexpected. I’m devastated, and so are nearly all of my movie- and television-obsessed friends. She was as important a screen presence as anyone for us. Tanya and her … Continue reading Rest in Paradise, Angel

Sing Us Out, Susie

The new year arrives in a matter of hours and chances are we’ll still feel as confused, nervous, and lonely as we have for the last ten months of this year. Hopefully, though, 2021 brings some positive change for us all. And on that note I just want to mention a few positive accomplishments from … Continue reading Sing Us Out, Susie

Feline Fatales

I can find tributes or homages to Michelle Pfeiffer anywhere, of course, but even non-obsessives must’ve noticed the similarities between Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Minerva in Wonder Woman 1984 and Michelle’s Selina Kyle in Batman Returns. Both women transform from meek and mousy into ferocious feline predators, Selina as Catwoman and Barbara as Cheetah. Hair plays … Continue reading Feline Fatales

White Gold Christmas

As everyone already knows, Batman Returns is one of my favorite Christmas movies. It’s darkly comic take on Gotham City and its bizarre costumed inhabitants goes down like the best spiked eggnog – leaving you feeling all warm, fuzzy, and giggly. Or is that just me? Everyone also knows how fond I am of Michelle … Continue reading White Gold Christmas

Holiday Vibes

I’m no Deadhead – more of a punk rock spirit, thank you very much – but even I can’t help but paraphrase those hippies when noting what a long, strange trip this year has been. And now we’re right in the middle of the holiday season frenzy and it feels even stranger than ever. I … Continue reading Holiday Vibes


This year will go down as the worst ever, for many of us. As we stumble into a holiday season unlike any other in memory, the coronavirus is spreading like wildfire all across the United States, reaching absurdly high and frightening numbers of new positive cases and deaths. The US presidential election is over (no … Continue reading Thankful


Yesterday it was official: the United States voters have delivered a victory for democracy over authoritarianism. And for that, I’m relieved and grateful. The fight is never over, but this historical moment is one we should savor. Many people, including some of my best friends who are women of color, can finally breathe again. Cheers … Continue reading Cheers

My Angel: Kate Jackson

A few years ago I stumbled on a 2009 blog post about Kate Jackson and had that wonderful moment of recognition when your exact feelings are perfectly expressed through someone else’s words. Even the title of the post captures how I feel: “Kate Jackson Was My Village.” Yes, exactly this: Kate Jackson was my village … Continue reading My Angel: Kate Jackson


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