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Lost and Found: Dance with Death

For the second post in this series, it feels appropriate to highlight a movie from a lost genre that has been rediscovered thanks to streaming services like Tubi or Prime. Most late-eighties, early nineties director-to-video (DTV) erotic thrillers still haven’t made the transition from VHS to DVD, let alone the current standard of Blu-ray or…

Calendar Girl: Julie London for February

Like so many people, I definitely suffer from seasonal depression this time of year. No month brings me lower than February. With apologies to all with birthdays this month, I have always considered February the worst month of the year. I am not alone in this opinion. Yes there’s Valentine’s Day, but that “holiday” is…

Carroll Baker’s Gialli at the Drive-In Asylum

Over the years I have fallen completely in love with the Italian giallo film genre. From Bava to Argento to Fulci and beyond, I am positively hooked on the style and mood of these lurid, pulpy Italian films. A year or two ago I picked up Severin’s gorgeous, six-disc box set The Complete Lenzi/Baker Collection.…

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