…And Then Things Got Better

Some states and localities might be partially reopening. In some cases, they’re doing so against all logic and reason, so there’s still a decidedly “we’re not out of the woods yet” feel to it all. I’m expecting to be working from home for a while longer because I can’t fathom how you socially distance in shared office building spaces like bathrooms, elevators, and stairwells.

So, with so much uncertainty hanging in the air, here’s a little bit of four color, Ben Day dot, pop art style hope for a future that’s better than our present.

Art print by Daniel Bombardier.

2 thoughts on “…And Then Things Got Better

  1. Beautiful artwork. I’m hopeful, although I agree “we’re not out of the woods yet.” I think this could be the most dangerous period if people think we’re over the worst and relax their guard.Stay safe and keep posting when you get chance. The Starfire Lounge has been a genuine beacon of light in these dark times.

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    1. It is stunning work, and right in my pop art/comics loving wheelhouse, as they say. I have the same fears of reopening too quickly and being at the mercy of people who are either too foolish or too sociopathic ito care about the rest of us and our lives. Stay safe, my pfriend.


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