What Lies Beneath

Twenty-one years after its release, What Lies Beneath (2000) is finally available on Blu-ray. Long overdue on the format, this spooky chiller from Robert Zemekis stars Michelle Pfeiffer in one of her most underrated performances as former cellist Claire Spencer, whose life might be haunted. It's also her film, as she's in almost every scene, … Continue reading What Lies Beneath

From the Vault: Eyes of Laura Mars

This essay first appeared, in slightly different form, at my old site, four years ago. Eyes of Laura Mars is a favorite slasher/American giallo-style horror film of mine, so Halloween season feels like the perfect time to revisit it. As its title indicates, Eyes of Laura Mars (1978) is especially concerned with eyes, and specifically … Continue reading From the Vault: Eyes of Laura Mars

The Writing is the Juice

“Why can't I write something that would awake the dead? That pursuit is what burns most deeply.”Patti Smith, Just Kids The writers who've inspired me the most over the years share a knack for expressing complex, often-conflicting feelings in potent, artful prose that captures my own complex, often-conflicting feelings. Writers like Joan Didion, Lester Bangs, … Continue reading The Writing is the Juice