Honey, I’m Home: Batman Returns at 30

Earlier this week it was Grease 2 turning forty. June is a big release month for epic Michelle Pfeiffer performances and pfilms, so today we celebrate Tim Burton's phantasmagoria of gothic opulance Batman Returns, which turns thirty. In a world full of people willing to claim that the recent The Batman is the greatest Batman … Continue reading Honey, I’m Home: Batman Returns at 30

Diamond Month

My fellow writer, blogger, and longtime Pfeiffer pfanatic pfriend Paul from Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies has brought to my attention that the Starfire Lounge turns two years old this week. It feels like only yesterday, one month into a global pandemic that’s still going (sorta) strong, that I felt a spark of inspiration and … Continue reading Diamond Month

On Sirius, Harry, and Family

I’ve been rewatching every Harry Potter film with my kids for like the fourth time in maybe two months, and each pass through a couple things really stand out. Harry’s relationship with his surrogate father Sirius Black touches every one of my paternal heartstrings. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Gary Oldman and Daniel Radcliffe shared … Continue reading On Sirius, Harry, and Family