Comics Talk

I’ve written about or referenced plenty of comic-book–adjacent popular culture here at the Lounge, including forays into praising Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman from Batman Returns (1992). I haven’t, however, written much here about actual comic books themselves, which feels wrong. I grew up reading them, obsessively pouring over pages while learning to read and draw. They’re … Continue reading Comics Talk

Queen Bettie: The Artist’s Muse

As I’ve mentioned previously, fine artists and comic book artists in the 1970s and 1980s were largely responsible for rediscovering Bettie Page’s modeling work, decades after she’d retreated out of view. Comic book folks really elevated Bettie to the iconic status she’s enjoyed ever since. Artists Robert Blue in Los Angeles and Olivia de Beredinis … Continue reading Queen Bettie: The Artist’s Muse

Queen Bettie: Funny Girl

Part of Bettie Page’s unique gift as an entertainer was that she fully understood how to draw eyes her way. Bettie knew exactly how to enhance her innate sex appeal through her choice of lingerie, stilettos, and the absurdly sexy contortions she could twist her body into. Importantly, she also added a sense of humor … Continue reading Queen Bettie: Funny Girl

The Art of the Ad: Sex, Lies, and Video Games, Part II

Last year we gazed back into the golden age of arcade and video game advertising, when ad agencies went all in on sexy (and often sexist) ad campaigns. It was a very different time. Well, there were more than enough examples to warrant a sequel post, so here it is. This time, with 100% more … Continue reading The Art of the Ad: Sex, Lies, and Video Games, Part II

Lost and Found: V.I.P.

The overwhelmingly positive response to the new documentary Pamela, A Love Story has been a pleasant reminder that people really do love Pamela Anderson. For years, decades even, she’s been reduced to a punchline in the media, thanks to everyone’s obsession in the nineties with a leaked, intimate tape featuring her and then-husband Tommy Lee. … Continue reading Lost and Found: V.I.P.