Bombshells and Bosom Buddies

I don’t know if Michelle Pfeiffer auditioned for the role of Sonny Lumet on Bosom Buddies, but based on this photoshoot from around that time (see below) I think she certainly could’ve nailed the part of the show’s resident blonde bombshell. Not sure what she’s drinking, but I’ll have what she’s having. The sitcom that … Continue reading Bombshells and Bosom Buddies

1989: The Year of Meg and Michelle

My buddy Paul over at Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies and I are back with our first dual post in a few years (where did the time go??). Once again, we’re joining forces—or pforces, if you will—to do what we love to do most: wax rhapsodic over the enormous talents and jaw-dropping sex appeal of … Continue reading 1989: The Year of Meg and Michelle

Bad Cat, Indeed: Samantha “Sunshine” Jensen Redux

My soft spot for Baby Pfeiffer is legendary, but I’m not alone. My friends and fellow super pfans Kelda, Paul, Juan, and Stacy (RIP), to name just a few, love Baby Pfeiffer with the same sort of fanatical zeal as I do. Every now and then I take a deep dive into the early roles … Continue reading Bad Cat, Indeed: Samantha “Sunshine” Jensen Redux

Michelle Pfeiffer in the ‘80s, for Cinema of the ‘80s Magazine

I recently put my Michelle Pfeiffer fandom to use writing an eleven-page article for Cinema of the ‘80s magazine. To my ecstatic surprise, it’s the featured piece on the cover! There’s my name right beneath Michelle’s! I’m over the moon, honestly. As the magazine covers all corners of cinema in the decade of the 1980s, … Continue reading Michelle Pfeiffer in the ‘80s, for Cinema of the ‘80s Magazine

Super Threads: Five Best Live-Action Super Costumes

When lifelong comic book fans get together they are prone to go down rabbit holes, like, “Name the best X-Men artists of all time” or, “Give me your best Batman stories ever.” I’m as guilty as any comics geek when it comes to this tendency to go list-crazy. Recently I was thinking about a comics … Continue reading Super Threads: Five Best Live-Action Super Costumes

Happy Birthday Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Marie Pfeiffer was born on April 29, 1958. Today she turns 65 and continues to mess with our preconceptions of aging. She remains impossibly beautiful and absurdly talented. The woman might just be immortal. Michelle fits the traits we often associate with the astrological sign Taurus. Stubborn, down-to-earth, cynical, compassionate, intelligent, tenacious, loyal, and … Continue reading Happy Birthday Michelle Pfeiffer

How Grease 2 Became a Cult Classic

Earlier this month, Entertainment Weekly published a double-ketchup sized oral history of one of the greatest movies ever made, Grease 2. You can read the full, lengthy piece here, comprised of interviews with nearly every important player in the film. This includes star Michelle Pfeiffer, who probably says more about the film here than she … Continue reading How Grease 2 Became a Cult Classic