From the Vault: Kelly Bundy and the Alternative Family Ideal

This was originally published at my old site four years ago. I've revised it a bit to share here because of actress Christina Applegate's recent disclosure that she has multiple sclerosis. Applegate holds a special place in my heart and has since I was roughly 12 years old, thanks to her funny and sexy performance … Continue reading From the Vault: Kelly Bundy and the Alternative Family Ideal

My Angel: Kate Jackson

A few years ago I stumbled on a 2009 blog post about Kate Jackson and had that wonderful moment of recognition when your exact feelings are perfectly expressed through someone else’s words. Even the title of the post captures how I feel: “Kate Jackson Was My Village.” Yes, exactly this: Kate Jackson was my village … Continue reading My Angel: Kate Jackson

Season of the Witch: Elizabeth Montgomery

Popular culture is littered with fantastical witches, but not all reside in the realm of horror. Back in the 1960s, American households thrilled to the domestic misadventures of Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha on Bewitched. Montgomery made witchcraft both sweet and sexy, with her signature nose twitch ensuring her place in the pop culture pantheon forever. … Continue reading Season of the Witch: Elizabeth Montgomery

Men Love Scrambled

Recently, while watching a favorite film of mine, Ron Howard’s Night Shift (1982)—about a pair of unlikely “love brokers” in early eighties New York City—I had an epiphany. Specifically, this moment of clarity occurred during an early scene when Shelley Long’s character Belinda, a gorgeous and statuesque hooker with a heart of gold, scrambles up … Continue reading Men Love Scrambled