Honey, I’m Home: Batman Returns at 30

Earlier this week it was Grease 2 turning forty. June is a big release month for epic Michelle Pfeiffer performances and pfilms, so today we celebrate Tim Burton's phantasmagoria of gothic opulance Batman Returns, which turns thirty. In a world full of people willing to claim that the recent The Batman is the greatest Batman … Continue reading Honey, I’m Home: Batman Returns at 30

Bad Girls We Love: Selina Kyle/Catwoman from Batman Returns

Michelle Pfeiffer's performance in Tim Burton's deliciously twisted-Christmas-gothic-phantasmagoria Batman Returns (1992) is the best comic book movie performance of all time. This is not just my opinion; it's a fact, so let's not argue, okay? It's an astonishing piece of film acting, the kind that transcends mere performance and instead reaches a cosmic level of … Continue reading Bad Girls We Love: Selina Kyle/Catwoman from Batman Returns

The Bat and the Cat

In The Brave and the Bold #197 (April 1983, DC Comics) Alan Brennert penned what I consider to be the definitive Batman/Bruce Wayne and Catwoman/Selina Kyle story. One of comics’ longest-running and most storied romances, the Bat and the Cat had already been flirting shamelessly and stealing kisses for more than four decades by the … Continue reading The Bat and the Cat

White Gold Christmas

As everyone already knows, Batman Returns is one of my favorite Christmas movies. It's darkly comic take on Gotham City and its bizarre costumed inhabitants goes down like the best spiked eggnog - leaving you feeling all warm, fuzzy, and giggly. Or is that just me? Everyone also knows how fond I am of Michelle … Continue reading White Gold Christmas

Breathless Forever

I'll bring the wine, you bring your scarred psyche. Dr. Chase Meridian, from the late Joel Schumacher’s extravagant blockbuster Batman Forever (1995), will never be mistaken for some of Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman’s finest work. That’s neither here nor there, though, when you’re talking about the deliciously campy performance she delivers as the good doctor. Breathless … Continue reading Breathless Forever