The Art of the Ad: Fly the Friendly Skies

Airline ads and promotional images during the Golden Age of Air Travel were selling travelers on an experience. In the days before interminably long security checkpoints and nonexistent customer service, airline advertisements were emphasizing just how well airlines would take care of us. And that included some not-so-subtle implications of mile high adventure with the … Continue reading The Art of the Ad: Fly the Friendly Skies


For reasons unknown I’ve recently found myself basking in the seismic soundscapes of the Greatest Rock and Roll Band of All Time, Led Zeppelin. Okay, hold up, that’s not quite true. The part about “reasons unknown,” I mean. The part about greatest band ever might actually be true. You wouldn’t get an argument from me … Continue reading Zep

Monica Vitti, the Face of Italian Cinema

Long ago, in a different lifetime, deep in the bowels of the college library, I poured over the pages of Sight & Sound, Film Quarterly, and other esteemed cinema journals, along with the collected reviews of Pauline Kael, among other prominent critics. Those afternoons and evenings, spent alone with only what felt like the entirety … Continue reading Monica Vitti, the Face of Italian Cinema