Bombshells and Bosom Buddies

I don’t know if Michelle Pfeiffer auditioned for the role of Sonny Lumet on Bosom Buddies, but based on this photoshoot from around that time (see below) I think she certainly could’ve nailed the part of the show’s resident blonde bombshell. Not sure what she’s drinking, but I’ll have what she’s having. The sitcom that … Continue reading Bombshells and Bosom Buddies

Bad Cat, Indeed: Samantha “Sunshine” Jensen Redux

My soft spot for Baby Pfeiffer is legendary, but I’m not alone. My friends and fellow super pfans Kelda, Paul, Juan, and Stacy (RIP), to name just a few, love Baby Pfeiffer with the same sort of fanatical zeal as I do. Every now and then I take a deep dive into the early roles … Continue reading Bad Cat, Indeed: Samantha “Sunshine” Jensen Redux

Lost and Found: V.I.P.

The overwhelmingly positive response to the new documentary Pamela, A Love Story has been a pleasant reminder that people really do love Pamela Anderson. For years, decades even, she’s been reduced to a punchline in the media, thanks to everyone’s obsession in the nineties with a leaked, intimate tape featuring her and then-husband Tommy Lee. … Continue reading Lost and Found: V.I.P.

Bad Girls We Love: Molly from Batman (1966)

Decades before Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) movie ignited Batmania across the land, the original Batmania spread like wildfire after the debut episodes of the 1966–1968 Batman television series. One of the few instances of an honest-to-goodness pop culture phenomenon, Batman’s camp sensibilities and colorful pop art style endeared it to millions of fans, including yours … Continue reading Bad Girls We Love: Molly from Batman (1966)

Random Image Dump #5

A new year calls for a fresh batch of random images. Cheers! German actress Elke Sommer and, um, ‘69. Ahem. Bravo to the author of Sommer’s fun, informative, and purple prose-laced IMDb biography, which begins: “This gorgeous Teutonic temptress was one of Hollywood's most captivating imports of the 1960s.“ National treasure Carla Gugino as Silk … Continue reading Random Image Dump #5

Lost and Found: This Girl for Hire

I don’t know what the future of streaming media looks like, but I do know that we’re living in the golden age of choice when it comes to old movies and television. I’m always going to be a proponent of physical media (my bursting, buckling media shelves can attest to this), but sometimes you either … Continue reading Lost and Found: This Girl for Hire

Year End Stuff

It’s almost the final week of the year, an appropriate time to take inventory around here. I don’t usually spend much time viewing the site’s stats, but I just did and noticed one major thing: I’ve had more than twice as many posts this year, compared to last year. In the last three months alone … Continue reading Year End Stuff