Queen Bettie: The Artist’s Muse

As I’ve mentioned previously, fine artists and comic book artists in the 1970s and 1980s were largely responsible for rediscovering Bettie Page’s modeling work, decades after she’d retreated out of view. Comic book folks really elevated Bettie to the iconic status she’s enjoyed ever since. Artists Robert Blue in Los Angeles and Olivia de Beredinis … Continue reading Queen Bettie: The Artist’s Muse

Queen Bettie: Funny Girl

Part of Bettie Page’s unique gift as an entertainer was that she fully understood how to draw eyes her way. Bettie knew exactly how to enhance her innate sex appeal through her choice of lingerie, stilettos, and the absurdly sexy contortions she could twist her body into. Importantly, she also added a sense of humor … Continue reading Queen Bettie: Funny Girl

Queen Bettie: Table It

As evidenced by last year’s “Couch Potato” post, Bettie Page made a career out of finding new and fascinating ways to athletically straddle, lounge across, or perch precariously on all sorts of furniture—including the kind not meant for sitting. How many times did your parents reprimand you for sitting or standing on tables? Well, Bettie’s … Continue reading Queen Bettie: Table It

Calendar Girl: Julie London for March

Calendar Girl’s track for March hits home in all the right ways. Of course there’s Julie London, whose sultry voice makes seasonal ennui sound sexier than it has any right to be. Then there’s the lyrics to “Melancholy March,” which so perfectly capture this month’s awkward middle child syndrome: Melancholy March, your gloom is showingYour … Continue reading Calendar Girl: Julie London for March

Queen Bettie: Hell on High Heels

Studies have long shown that wearing high heels, especially the towering, sky high variety that Bettie Page popularized during her pinup career, can lead to all sorts of aches and chronic pain. Habitual wearers oh heels can do a real number on their feet, legs, hips, and backs. Ouch. Clearly, Bettie Page suffered for her … Continue reading Queen Bettie: Hell on High Heels