Diamond Month

My fellow writer, blogger, and longtime Pfeiffer pfanatic pfriend Paul from Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies has brought to my attention that the Starfire Lounge turns two years old this week. It feels like only yesterday, one month into a global pandemic that’s still going (sorta) strong, that I felt a spark of inspiration and … Continue reading Diamond Month

Michelle Pfeiffer: An Alternate Oscar History

On the occasion of the 94th Annual Academy Awards being handed out tonight, I thought it might be fun to right some wrongs and list ten times Michelle Pfeiffer deserved an Oscar nomination. You see, she's only received three Oscar nods in her career, which is utterly insulting when you consider the breadth of excellent, … Continue reading Michelle Pfeiffer: An Alternate Oscar History


My love of October is well documented. Autumn is in full swing, replete with crisp air and colorful foliage. Pumpkin coffee and ales of all sorts are flowing like wine everywhere. And of course the best holiday ever is being celebrated with spooky decorations and horror movie marathons—Halloween. It truly is the most wonderful time … Continue reading OctoberPfest