Dualing Pfandom: Pfive Pfeiffer Pfavorites

My friend Paul S. from Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies is one of the first people I really connected with online over a shared love of Michelle Pfeiffer and her movies. He’s been a tireless supporter of my writing and a cherished friend. In the last year or so, we've combined on a few dual … Continue reading Dualing Pfandom: Pfive Pfeiffer Pfavorites

“This is show business?” Welcome to the Starfire Lounge

Michelle Pfeiffer's grand entrance in The Fabulous Baker Boys is quite possibly my favorite by any actor in any film, ever. Susie Diamond stumbles into view, in the hall outside of where the Baker Boys are holding auditions for a new singer. Not only does she careen into view on a broken high heel shoe, … Continue reading “This is show business?” Welcome to the Starfire Lounge


"Frank, to you 'Feelings' may be goddamn filet mignon, but to me, it's parsley. It's less than parsley." When Susie Diamond, as portrayed with incomparable excellence by Michelle Pfeiffer, spits out her contempt for singing the standard "Feelings" she's also speaking to a larger theme running through Steve Kloves's 1989 masterpiece The Fabulous Baker Boys … Continue reading Feelings