From the Vault: Eyes of Laura Mars

This essay first appeared, in slightly different form, at my old site, four years ago. Eyes of Laura Mars is a favorite slasher/American giallo-style horror film of mine, so Halloween season feels like the perfect time to revisit it. As its title indicates, Eyes of Laura Mars (1978) is especially concerned with eyes, and specifically … Continue reading From the Vault: Eyes of Laura Mars

Rest in Paradise, Angel

What a sad, shocking start to 2021. Pop culture icon Tanya Roberts has passed away and from what little we've heard so far, it was sudden and unexpected. I'm devastated, and so are nearly all of my movie- and television-obsessed friends. She was as important a screen presence as anyone for us. Tanya and her … Continue reading Rest in Paradise, Angel

My Angel: Kate Jackson

A few years ago I stumbled on a 2009 blog post about Kate Jackson and had that wonderful moment of recognition when your exact feelings are perfectly expressed through someone else’s words. Even the title of the post captures how I feel: “Kate Jackson Was My Village.” Yes, exactly this: Kate Jackson was my village … Continue reading My Angel: Kate Jackson