Super Threads: Five Best Live-Action Super Costumes

When lifelong comic book fans get together they are prone to go down rabbit holes, like, “Name the best X-Men artists of all time” or, “Give me your best Batman stories ever.” I’m as guilty as any comics geek when it comes to this tendency to go list-crazy. Recently I was thinking about a comics … Continue reading Super Threads: Five Best Live-Action Super Costumes

Queen Bettie: The Artist’s Muse

As I’ve mentioned previously, fine artists and comic book artists in the 1970s and 1980s were largely responsible for rediscovering Bettie Page’s modeling work, decades after she’d retreated out of view. Comic book folks really elevated Bettie to the iconic status she’s enjoyed ever since. Artists Robert Blue in Los Angeles and Olivia de Beredinis … Continue reading Queen Bettie: The Artist’s Muse

Bad Girls We Love: Molly from Batman (1966)

Decades before Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) movie ignited Batmania across the land, the original Batmania spread like wildfire after the debut episodes of the 1966–1968 Batman television series. One of the few instances of an honest-to-goodness pop culture phenomenon, Batman’s camp sensibilities and colorful pop art style endeared it to millions of fans, including yours … Continue reading Bad Girls We Love: Molly from Batman (1966)

Portraits of an Artist

I’ve mentioned in passing here before that I’m an artist. I have a fine arts background, which I abandoned for a while when I was younger, in pursuit of the elusive writing muse. That push and pull between my two artistic endeavors has been a constant throughout much of my life. I’ve had a few … Continue reading Portraits of an Artist

Marvelous Michelle

Me: “I’m so over Marvel movies.“ *trailer drops for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumnania* Michelle Pfeiffer: “Oh, yeah?” Me: “How soon can I buy tickets?” Marvel movies lost me quite a while ago. They have intermittent moments of entertainment, but overall I’be found them mostly forgettable since Avengers: Endgame (2019). Then this new trailer happened … Continue reading Marvelous Michelle

They Want to Suck Your Blood

October is all about chilly, cozy autumn vibes and binging all things horror. I relish these 31 days spent gorging on scary novels, short stories, movies, art, podcasts, television, comics, you name it and I’m feasting on all the horror right now. Speaking of feasting—what a segue—vampires are one of the stars of October, no … Continue reading They Want to Suck Your Blood