Coffee Talk with Harley Quinn

Earlier I posted this random thought on social media, along with the following GIF:

Me: 2020 is hard enough on my anxiety, I should probably cut back on the coffee intake, but uuuugh I reeeeally want another cup…


When this 2020-related “coffee is my savior” moment occurred to me over a soothing cup of java, it struck like a thunderbolt: Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is the voice of coffee.

It makes total sense. Coffee would absolutely call me “Puddin’” in a cartoonish Brooklyn accent. Coffee could tell me to do anything and I would do it. Plus, great coffee is rich-bodied and bold-flavored—sounds exactly like Margot Robbie to me! In the comics Harley is a live wire, spunky and sarcastic, and Margot brings all this to life with manic energy and plenty of heart and soul.

Suicide Squad (2016) has a bad wrap but I can’t help but enjoy it—and three years ago I wrote about why for HiLoBrow. Sure it’s messy and I dislike how darkly lit and muted a color palette they chose, but overall I dig its B-movie flare. Margot as Harley is a huge reason why it’s so fun, and her second outing in the white face makeup and booty shorts, in the objectively better film Birds of Prey (2019), was just as entertaining. I think she’s crafted a fun, madcap character, true to the source material but still very much her own creation. She’s reprising the role in next year’s The Suicide Squad.

Look, in or out of her Harley getup, Margot Robbie could tell me to do anything and I’d respond with the Princess Bride line “As you wish.” Especially this year. To take what CNN’s Jake Tapper said about the first presidential debate and apply it to 2020 as a whole: it’s a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck. If I want to imagine my morning coffee is talking to me, then why the hell can’t it sassily speak in Margot Robbie’s New Yawkese-by-way-of-Australian accent? Please, just let me have this. Let me have something this year.

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