This year will go down as the worst ever, for many of us. As we stumble into a holiday season unlike any other in memory, the coronavirus is spreading like wildfire all across the United States, reaching absurdly high and frightening numbers of new positive cases and deaths. The US presidential election is over (no matter what the lame duck rage-tweeter has to say about it), but the immediate future is anything but bright.

Well, now that I’ve thoroughly depressed you! Sorry, but all I keep thinking about is how bizarre this Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to feel. I’m also filled with anxiety about people blatantly ignoring the reality of the pandemic who will travel and attend super-spreader holiday gatherings because, goddammit, they’re Americans and no one can take away their right to gorge themselves on turkey! Ugh.

Look, I love a good traditional Thanksgiving dinner as much as the next red-blooded American. This photo of silver screen starlet Carol Landis is certainly a holiday happy place we should all strive to achieve. For me, the stuffing, or dressing, is my personal favorite, and yes I do plan on filling my face with it, along with pumpkin pie. But I’ll be doing it at home, with my family. Because when Dr. Fauci said to celebrate with the people in your house in order to help curb the out-of-control spread of the virus, I took that advice seriously. Because I believe in science. Unlike Agent Orange, who’s hiding out in the White House watching hours upon hours of cable news and firing off tweets about bogus election fraud claims, instead of working to save the lives of the people he was elected to serve.

But I digress. What a year, huh? I’m thankful that I finally made the decision to retire my old blog and start this site back in April, because it’s been a bright spot in a year full of gloom and dread. And thanks for reading, these last seven months. You’ve made it all the better! There’s more to come here, including of course more musings on forever muse Michelle Pfeiffer. So, stay tuned.

Rough as it is out there, I’m just thankful change is indeed happening. I don’t want to get into the various roadblocks that awful politicians and cult members will attempt to put in the way of progress. For now, I just want to let myself have a tiny bit of hope. As the late, great Stan Lee would say, “Excelsior!”

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