A Journey in Three Moods, or, How My Brain Works

1. The light bulb moment: sudden, powerful jolt of inspiration for my next creative endeavor.

2. The details of making it happen start crashing and careening around in my head.

3. *distracted by another light bulb flickering in the distance*

Special thanks to Michelle Pfeiffer’s expressive facial reactions as one of my favorite cinematic inspirations, Stephanie Zinone in Grease 2, and an anonymous internet user who put this vertical triptych of moods together. Without them both, I wouldn’t have such a perfect visual aid for my typical journey from creative spark, to overwhelmed by details, and finally to distraction and starting the cycle all over again.

The mind is an enigmatic and beautiful thing, isn’t it? I’m trying to learn to love and accept mine, eccentricities and all.

5 thoughts on “A Journey in Three Moods, or, How My Brain Works

  1. I’m constantly learning things about myself, and while it’s hard not to be self conscious of some of your own quirks, it does get better and you come to love the positives, and change the negatives to positives.

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