Calendar Girl: Julie London for April

When Julie London sings “I’ll remember April and I’ll smile,” I can relate. April is an important month to me. Not only does it signal the first real steps towards spring awakening after the winter doldrums have long overstayed their welcome, but it’s also the month I sprung forth into the world. Favorites like Michelle Pfeiffer, Al Pacino, Bettie Page, and Iggy Pop also have birthdays within days of mine. I even share a birthday with Joyce Dewitt from Three’s Company, so you betcha I always remember April!

For the this month’s Calendar Girl pinup, Julie is trying to stay dry during those pesky April showers we’re always hearing about, while brazenly sporting a polka dot bikini that indicates she’s ready to skip spring altogether and jump straight to summer. Interestingly, she also lent her sultry contralto to “April in Paris” on her album Easy Does It (released in Germany under the title Lady Sex!). Clearly, she remembers April.

The US release title is subtly sexy.
The German release title chucks subtlety right out the window.

“I’ll Remember April”

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