Happy 90th, Dame Joan Collins

Damn Joan Henrietta Collins was born on May 23rd, ninety years ago. As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’m a big fan of the grande dame and have taken several opportunities to promote her excellence over the years. She’s an international treasure, whose feisty spirit continues to thrive even as she enters her 90th year. She delights in sharing colorful anecdotes about seventy-plus years in showbiz, or opining on everything from feminism, the Oscars, and why new movies are so depressing. As someone who’s found cinema to be largely disappointing in recent years, Joan’s article was a refreshing and relatable read.

Another reason to love The Bitch and Dynasty star: The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989) is her favorite film, which makes this super fan of Susie and the Baker brothers feel right chuffed, as one might say in Joan’s native England.

Happy 90th to “Britain’s bad girl, England’s answer to Ava Gardner, a bitch, a pouting panther and a coffee-bar vixen”—the one and only Dame Joan Collins.

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