Season of the Witch: Morgan Fairchild

Halloween images are flooding our social media feeds right now, offering a much-needed respite from the looming, suffocating dread of the current socio-political climate. You think Halloween is scary? Ha! I’ll take fun and spooky thrills and chills over real-world horrors any day, and twice on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, what better day to sleep in, take that first comforting sip of morning coffee (or tea), and behold a reminder that the lovely, talented, and politically progressive activist Morgan Fairchild once donned a witch costume for a sexy Halloween photo shoot, circa 1981. My favorite work of hers, featuring what I still think is her best performance, The Seduction, was to release the following year.

You can see why she’s the perfect star for a film called The Seduction here, with her seductive witchcraft on full blast. One of the greatest (non-Elvira) Halloween-themed photo shoots of all time? I tend to think so, yes. Absolutely. She’s certainly cast a spell on generations of fans, that’s for sure.

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