Season of the Witch: Morgan Fairchild

Halloween images are flooding our social media feeds right now, offering a much-needed respite from the looming, suffocating dread of the current socio-political climate. You think Halloween is scary? Ha! I’ll take fun and spooky thrills and chills over real-world horrors any day, and twice on Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, what better day to sleep … Continue reading Season of the Witch: Morgan Fairchild

Oh, (Fair)Child: The Seduction

A friend recently texted to tell me he was watching the episode of Magnum, P.I. guest-starring sultry '80s legend Morgan Fairchild. Even all these years later, an appearance by Morgan Fairchild in just about anything is something best friends make sure to alert each other about. Especially if said friends are Gen Xers, for whom … Continue reading Oh, (Fair)Child: The Seduction