Frequently, my neurodivergent mind makes it difficult to focus on one task at a time, especially when I know there are so many other projects awaiting my attention. So the other night, instead of writing, I procrastinated by trying to add a more prominent subscribe button to this here site. I figured it out, but not before somehow inserting three extra search bars first. I quickly realized how to remove those, but still, the whole thing took longer than it should have for someone who considers himself reasonably intelligent.

So, consider that my housekeeping here for the week. I was tempted to start playing with a site theme redesign, but it was late and I was already exasperated from the subscribe button saga. Plus, I think the place looks just fine right now. I need to channel that energy and creativity into my writing and my art, both of which keep beckoning to me all day, every day. I just need to carve out the time. What else is new, right?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief mea culpa for not posting in a week. But what I really hope you’ve enjoyed is how I’ve selected two Elvira visual aids that reflect keywords in the previous paragraph ( “housekeeping” and “carve”). I may have procrastinated again this week, but hey, at least I’m still clever. That’s something.

Also, is it Halloween yet??

2 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. I know the feeling, I’m forever fiddling with my site’s theme. If I were you I wouldn’t tinker too much, for me you’ve got the right balance between your writing and the eye-catching images you use. This post is a perfectly example. Have a good weekend my pfriend!

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    1. Thank you as always, my pfriend! the weekend has come and gone since your comment, and I’ve got a major case of the Mondays so far today. Ugh. Hope all is well for you!


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