Random Image Dump #7: Michelle Pfeiffer Edition

The name of these image posts is Random Image Posts, but now and then I might cheat a little. In that spirit of rebelliousness, here’s a randomly selected set of images…each of which happens to be of Michelle Pfeiffer. As the inspiration for and patron saint of this site, Michelle can hijack these or any posts at the Starfire Lounge any time she wants. I’ll always allow it. This collection captures Michelle in full-on glamour mode. Fair warning: these images are absurdly eye-catching.

A quick programming note before you overdose on scorching hawt Pfeiffer photos. Over the last few months I’ve finalized several draft posts. Recently, I scheduled a large batch of them for the next month or two. So, there’ll be a lot of consistent content here for a stretch, while I try to get some other (non-blog) writing done. When the mood strikes, of course, I will dash off a quick new post here or there, as time allows. Since October of last year I’ve had five straight months of double-digit posts, which is pretty unheard of around here since this place launched in 2020. I hope it’s not too much to keep up with, but if it is, just tell me to slow down.

Also, I recently saw Michelle’s new movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and would love to post my thoughts on it at some point, mostly because Michelle’s character Janet van Dyne plays a big part in it, allowing Michelle to do what she does best: being completely awesome. So, stay tuned.

Now on with the Pfabulous Pfeiffer!

2 thoughts on “Random Image Dump #7: Michelle Pfeiffer Edition

  1. Michelle must be a photographer’s dream, she never look anything less than divine. I remember being captivated when I first saw Pfeiffer’s pface on the cover of a Sunday supplement. I didn’t even know who she was, but I was soon to find out. Those late 80’s, early 90’s photoshoots with the likes of Herb Ritts and Terry O’Neill really pfuelled my Pfeiffer pfandom, setting me off on a journey that brought me here today.

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