Series A-Go-Go

Recently, I mentioned having a number of posts queued up for the next several months. Interestingly, many of them are part of different series. By my count, I have about seven series running concurrently here at the Starfire Lounge. This surprised me to learn, as it was never my intent to turn this site into an “almost every post fits into a category” type of place. Not that I dislike that approach. It’s just that I always intended for the Lounge to be a little more freewheeling and eclectic.

That’s likely because I’ve always had a restless soul that needs to bounce around creatively to stay engaged and motivated, and I’m starting to worry about stagnation if the series approach becomes the dominant approach. So my goal is to get back to a more balanced equation between one-off posts (my bread and butter) and the series posts.

In the short term though, for the next few months at least, you’ll still be seeing a lot of series posts. I’ve written them and I like them, so I’ve scheduled them. The good news is the series I’ve established here are pretty eclectic, which is why I’m so tempted to keep adding to them. They definitely scratch that creative itch for me. After all, there are so many bad girls in pop culture to love! So many hidden gem films or TV series to watch! A seemingly endless supply of Bettie Page stories and photos to share! So many random images to post! See? The struggle is real.

It’s been such fun to do these series that it’s hard to stop myself from coming up with ideas for them, but I might work a little harder to write more outside of them here, mostly to avoid stagnation and to continue challenging myself. I have no plans to end any of the series, but entries will probably be spaced out a bit more at some point. Obviously the Calendar Girl posts will continue to be once a month—covering one album track per month—until the end of the year. I committed to that and they’re very short and sweet posts anyway. There are a lot of Bettie Page posts in the queue this year as we approach her 100th birthday extravaganza in April, so that’s why you’ll keep seeing plenty of the Queen of Pinups for a bit longer. I don’t think anyone will complain about seeing more of Bettie, ever.

Here’s the series list, complete with posts published up to this point.

The Art of the Ad

The Playboy Club

Sex, Lies, and Video Games

Black Friday

Cheryl Ladd for Suntory Brandy

Take Home Elvira with Thrill Video

Elvira, Halloween, and Coors Light

Fly the Friendly Skies

Black Magic Woman

Lost and Found

Shock Treatment

Kansas City Bomber

The Dead Pit

Personal Effects

Dance with Death

This Girl for Hire

Bad Girls We Love

Helga from Tammy and the T-Rex

Velma Von Tussle from Hairspray

Joan Collins in Everything

Jane Mitchell from Zapped!

Selina Kyle / Catwoman from Batman Returns

Joanne Clayton from Tales from the Crypt

Barb from Black Christmas

Wendy from Prom Night

Random Image Dump

#7: Michelle Pfeiffer Edition

#6: Super Sunday Edition


#4: Festive Edition




Bettie Page

Hell on High Heels

Fit to Be Tied—and More!

Thigh High Thursday

Whip It

New Year, Same Bettie

Fishnet Friday

Attack of the 50 Foot Bettie

Couch Potato

Beach Babe

Queen Bettie

From Nashville to Immortality

Calendar Girl




From the Vault

New Year’s Eve

Logan’s Run

Fire Walk with Sheryl Lee


Eyes of Laura Mars

Kelly Bundy and the Alternative Family Ideal

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