Queen Bettie: Couch Potato

It’s been too long since our last visit with Queen Bettie Page, so buckle up, it’s time for another trip back to the 1950s, only this time we’re focusing on mid-century furniture.

Huh, you say? Settle down and let me explain. Bettie’s camera club sessions for siblings Irving and Paula Klaw were often minimalist in terms of extraneous elements beyond the focal point of it all, Bettie’s bodacious body. The only props around were bondage gear during her fetish shoots and otherwise just some furniture, which Bettie creatively utilized for her fun, flirty, and seductive posses. The famous “Klaw couch” in particular was a favored spot for Bettie’s sessions, and she made great use of it to accentuate her already amazing assets. So without further delay, here’s a gallery of Bettie being the sexiest couch potato the world has ever known.

This is such a regal shot of Bettie, and especially her legs. Perched precariously atop the sofa, Bettie positively smolders in full Dark Angel mode—a future post will need to elaborate on her Dark Angel persona, but for now let’s just say that nickname captures Bettie giving off her most powerful dominatrix vibes.

Even the Queen of Pinups needed to put her weary feet up and take a rest every now and then.

While the sofa and the wallpaper compete for the title of ugliest room decor, Bettie is taking a whooping for her art, in yet another of the Klaws’ notorious fetish photos.

Bettie often eschewed the typical ways most of us sit on couches in favor of plopping down on the arms or the back, or stretching across them like a lounging cat. This was of course done intentionally to show off her stunning figure. It always felt a little rebellious too—this is not how furniture works, but Bettie has no time for your petty rules!

The less said about Bettie’s creepy monkey doll companion the better. Let’s just focus on Bettie’s radiant smile and positively jaw-dropping gams, which are more than enough to make us forget about her disturbing friend.

She’s too sexy for this couch to sit on the cushions.

Looking exotique on a floating sofa for this “new publication of the bizarre and the unusual.”

I’m not sure if this is a couch or a bed but it’s too good not to share. What a terrific tableau of sexy, swingin’ mid-century aesthetic on full display. Just Bettie taking a break from plowing through that stack of pulp novels behind her to kick back and relax in an awfully uncomfortable looking pose. Still, she utilizes the furniture nearby to rest her tired legs, so she’s absolutely winning.

Another couple of uncomfortable looking couches that Bettie still manages to make look inviting.

Bettie’s couch potato lounging wasn’t confined to only the Klaws’ studio. For instance, she did a memorably artful and stunning photoshoot with Bunny Yeager that also made great use of a sofa.

I know, I know, that’s an ottoman. I’m including it to show that Bettie used all the furniture in a room, posing just as seductively atop a small, upholstered footstool as she would on a roomier sofa. In fact, there are enough pictures of Bettie on items like tables, chairs, beds, and desks to fill several more posts. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Queen Bettie: Couch Potato

  1. I love it when it looks as though she was caught just being herself….no posing. She was fascinating to look at nomatter what!! She’s got charisma for miles.

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