Queen Bettie: Table It

As evidenced by last year’s “Couch Potato” post, Bettie Page made a career out of finding new and fascinating ways to athletically straddle, lounge across, or perch precariously on all sorts of furniture—including the kind not meant for sitting.

How many times did your parents reprimand you for sitting or standing on tables? Well, Bettie’s rebel spirit would’ve laughed in their faces as she mounted the coffee table—while wearing stilettos, no less! Bettie’s use of tables might not be how tables work for most of us, but for the Queen of Pinups furniture was just another tool in the arsenal to be utilized in creative and memorable ways. It was during the Irving and Paula Klaw sessions that Bettie consistently, and imaginatively, made use of furniture as props. Here’s a short gallery of Bettie being seductive and silly while climbing, reclining, and kneeling on tables.

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