Calendar Girl: Julie London for June

With June’s track from Calendar Girl, “Memphis in June,” our monthly crush Julie London sings of shady verandas under Sunday blue skies, cousin Amanda’s rhubarb pie, and sweet oleander blowing perfume through the air. Using those sultry pipes, London paints a picturesque view of a lazy, beautiful early summer day and night in Memphis. Looking … Continue reading Calendar Girl: Julie London for June

Queen Bettie’s 100th Birthday

Well, Bettie fans, the day is finally here. If Bettie Page (1923–2008) was still with us, she’d be celebrating her 100th birthday today, April 22. Over the last eight or nine months, during the lead up to Bettie’s centennial milestone, I’ve been blogging regularly about various aspects of Bettie’s iconic life and work while sharing … Continue reading Queen Bettie’s 100th Birthday

Queen Bettie: The Notorious Gretchen Mol

Gretchen Mol is splendid to behold in every stage of dress or undress. Todd McCarthy, Variety As an actor, how do you play one of the world’s great icons and do it even the tiniest bit of justice? This is a question Gretchen Mol must’ve wrestled with when she took on the monumental challenge of … Continue reading Queen Bettie: The Notorious Gretchen Mol

Queen Bettie: Jungle Girl

During the brief but prolific period of time that Bunny Yeager photographed Bettie Page, the two created an absolutely stunning array of classic cheesecake shots. One outing in particular has become especially popular over the years and that’s the “Jungle Bettie” sessions. In these photos, Bettie sports a scandalously high-cut animal print loincloth while hanging … Continue reading Queen Bettie: Jungle Girl

Random Image Dump #8: Showgirls-Era Elizabeth Berkley Edition

We’re big fans of Nomi Malone here at the Starfire Lounge. Sure, she tore through the place like a demonic hurricane from hell when she stripped, er, danced here, but that display of raw power only made us fall a little more in love with her. Nomi is a Starfire Lounge Hall of Famer, for … Continue reading Random Image Dump #8: Showgirls-Era Elizabeth Berkley Edition