From the Vault: Logan’s Run

Logan’s Run was released this week in 1976. Here’s my brief ode from several years back to the retro-futuristic-by-way-of-the-1970s stylings of a cult classic. This piece has been slightly revised from its original form. It's interesting and probably not that surprising that so many future-set science fiction films of the 1970s didn't look anything like … Continue reading From the Vault: Logan’s Run


For reasons unknown I’ve recently found myself basking in the seismic soundscapes of the Greatest Rock and Roll Band of All Time, Led Zeppelin. Okay, hold up, that’s not quite true. The part about “reasons unknown,” I mean. The part about greatest band ever might actually be true. You wouldn’t get an argument from me … Continue reading Zep

Bad Girls We Love: Joanne Clayton from Tales from the Crypt

Out of all the segments in the 1972 British anthology film Tales from the Crypt, "...And All Through the House" makes the best use of its short running time, small cast, and limited setting—all of the action takes place in one house on Christmas Eve. It also happens to be genuinely terrifying. Plus it stars … Continue reading Bad Girls We Love: Joanne Clayton from Tales from the Crypt