Random Image Dump #1

As I mentioned previously, I’m an artist, so my visual senses are like antenna, always perked and ready to discover art, photographs, or graphic design pieces that are bold and beautiful, challenge us to see things in a new light, or are just plain cool.

Pop that collar, Stephanie!

Although, sadly, it didn’t generate many page views, I had a lot of fun with Halloween image dump post. So I figured, hey, why not do it more regularly? Consider the first of what might be* a series of visually stimulating palate cleansers, an amuse-bouche of pop cultural treats, hand-selected by me, your chef de cuisine. Sometimes I’ll let the images stand on their own, but this time my writer’s voice couldn’t shut up so I’ve included a sentence or two below each one.

*I say “might be“ because, if these posts don’t draw any attention, then they might not be worth the time. So let me know if you like the idea of occasional respites from wordy posts by way of some pretty pictures.

The lovely and talented actress Jane Greer is ready for fall, and the moon approves.

A publicity shot of a young and bewitching Elizabeth Montgomery, 1960.

We once lived in a world where Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams met at Juilliard in 1973 and remained the best of friends for the rest of their lives together. Amazing. They are each so dearly missed by so many of us.

You may think you’re cool, but are you as cool as Alice Cooper wearing a shirt with his own face on it while flanked by bikini models? No, no you are not that cool.

Charismatic English actor and rapscallion Oliver Reed promoting his 1979 autobiography in a manner wholly suited to his lifestyle.

Well this is one sizzling painting by pulp art legend Glen Orbik, isn’t it? Based on the comics hanging on the wall behind them, I’m guessing this is a comic book publisher and his gal Friday engaging in some after hours extracurriculars. See, comic books are a turn on!

This shot of Bob Dylan at the gravesite of Jack Kerouac in Lowell, MA, November 1975, was likely taken during the Rolling Thunder Revue tour, my personal favorite Dylan era. I have a corduroy blazer very similar to his. Just sayin.’ Photograph by Ken Regan.

This Helmut Newton shot feels very meta in a post about looking.

National treasure Dolly Parton, from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982), a delightful comedy that my parents let me watch when I was probably no older than eight. Imagine the outrage today if you mentioned letting your kid watch a movie with “whorehouse” in the title. Ha ha, Gen-X childhoods for the win again.

3 thoughts on “Random Image Dump #1

  1. OMG…my parents took me to see The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas!! I mean, why not… it was the 80s after all!! Love these posts Michael…keep them coming!! And Dolly is indeed a national treasure!! Her Imagination Library charity gives free books to kids in need through age 5!!

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