More Cheryl Ladd with Booze: A Charlie’s Angels Pictorial

Last time I graced your lives with one of the greatest ad campaigns ever produced: Cheryl Ladd for Japanese Suntory Brandy. Interestingly, at the same time Cheryl was sipping some smooth Suntory, she was costarring as the intrepid, sexy, and all-around awesome Kris Munroe on Charlie’s Angels, where she was also known to knock back some drinks from time to time. Okay, she was acting, so it probably wasn’t really booze, but I digress! All of the Angels—and don’t forget my man Bosley—enjoyed fine cocktails. Heck, they even had a bar in their office! Plus, while undercover, they sometimes had to saddle up to a bar and get their drink on. So without further ado, and because Cheryl deserves as many posts as possible, I’m going back to the well again for more Cheryl with alcohol pictures. You’re welcome.

This shot is shamelessly suggestive so of course I had to make it the click-bait featured image above. Gimme all the page views you got!

Only the finest champagne for Cheryl.

🎶 Red, red wine goes to my head 🎶

Look at that swinging seventies bar! Stunning.

That look says, “Very funny, creep. Shut up and sling drinks.”

Total glam.

Kris and Sabrina celebrating with some vino after cracking another tough case.

What are Jill and Kris drinking? That’s an odd color for wine.

Cheers to Cheryl for making Kris such a cool character over her four seasons on the show.

In the immortal words of Kris Munroe:

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