New Year, Same Bettie

I’m back to work this week after some holiday time off and, I must say, getting into the swing of things in the new year is never my favorite thing to do. In fact, and I bet you agree with me here: it sucks.

In a desperate, last gasp attempt at hanging on to holiday season vibes just a smidge longer, here’s one of the Starfire Lounge’s frequent performers, Bettie Page, resplendent in nothing but the “erotic intermittency” of her fishnet tights, sexy sky high black heels (stay tuned this year for a post on Queen Bettie’s scandalously high heels), and a celebratory New Year’s Eve-style party hat. A string of pearls and a rose dangle off her lap, but otherwise Bettie’s ringing in the New Year al fresco above the waist.

There’s something awfully inspiring about entering a New Year looking this good and this nonchalantly topless. Of course, that something is pure Bettie, so the rest of us should probably make sure we’re wearing shirts for the first day back to work.

2 thoughts on “New Year, Same Bettie

  1. Bettie is a goddess. Sorry to state the obvious, but you know it’s truer than most things you read on the internet. And those photographs are breathtaking! Her pose, the hat, the tights, the heels. I can’t look away… and I don’t want to. Thanks for brightening a tedious Tuesday.


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