Calendar Girl: Julie London for March

Calendar Girl’s track for March hits home in all the right ways. Of course there’s Julie London, whose sultry voice makes seasonal ennui sound sexier than it has any right to be. Then there’s the lyrics to “Melancholy March,” which so perfectly capture this month’s awkward middle child syndrome:

Melancholy March, your gloom is showing
Your winds are blowing across the sky
Melancholy March, your clouds are crying
Your trees are sighing as though they’ll die

I know you’re late for winter’s tale
Too early for any spring
So we stand hand in hand
Waiting for anything

Melancholy March without a season
You have no reason or rhyme to be
Melancholy March, meet melancholy me
Melancholy March, meet melancholy me

Many a time have I sat, watching the ground thaw and sink under puddles of melted snow, thinking that March has “no reason or rhyme to be.” So can we just skip ahead to April, already?

Speaking of thaws, for this month’s Calendar Girl pinup, Julie London sure makes melancholy look desirable, doesn’t she? Taking a break from spring cleaning in her shear nightgown, complete with plunging neckline and a front slit that practically goes all the way up to her navel—which is what all 1950s women wore while cleaning (right?)—London exudes her patented sultry style in spades. If this is melancholy, then we’re all gonna be just fine waiting for spring’s arrival.

Waiting never looked so good.

“Melancholy March”

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