Random Image Dump #3

Sometimes I think we collectively dreamed up the Captain and Tennille, but nope, they were a real thing. His porn ‘stache, her legs for miles and miles (and miles and miles…), and most of all, the musical hits! All real!

This has been on my camera roll for a few years after I came across it searching Harley Quinn photos for drawing references. Origin unknown, and while it’s definitely not Margot Robbie, it has more than a little bit of that Harley feel, I’d say, along with Moulin Rouge era vibes too. The garish clown makeup, the angle of the face, the close up view, and the cropping really give it some impact.

Kim Novak looking positively glamorous, as always. She was such a force during her all-too brief acting career. One of my favorites of hers is the underrated Billy Wilder romp Kiss Me, Stupid (1965), where she plays Polly “The Pistol” in a performance that’s funny, heartbreaking, and sweet.

Just another bustling day of New York City metro area commuters hustling for their trains. Photographer unknown.

Catherine Schell and Martin Landeau, looking retro-futuristic groovy in the mid-seventies science fiction series Space 1999.

I found this awesome two-in-one piece almost a decade ago, on author Sean Howe’s Tumblr for his phenomenal 2013 book Marvel Comics: The Untold Story. The top image is a panel from Iron Fist comics, while the bottom shows writer-artist Larry Hama and a couple of Marvel Comics cohort that I can’t identify (I think that’s artist Pat Broderick on our right) posing for reference for the panel layout above. It’s so fun to think of this explosive creative period in the comic book industry of the 1970s, when a bunch of young rebels like Hama were doing all sorts of wild and imaginative things at Marvel. A lot of it wasn’t recognized as such until much later, but that period remains an eternal source of joy for comic book fans who prefer their comics to be more than just intellectual property for use in movies. I’ve seen a couple other photos of Marvel writers, artists, colorists, etc. posing for similar pictures during this period. Artistic collaboration at its finest!

Debbie Harry and Clem Burke of Blondie taking a breather. Blondie will always be one of my most favorite bands, and those first handful of records they made have soundtracked much of my life.

This vintage shot features a leggy model reading what looks like an obviously fake book. Source and photographer unknown, but let’s assume it’s from one of the many 1950s-1970s pinup magazines that warped minds and contributed to the decline of Western civilization as we know it. In other words, an important historical document.

One thought on “Random Image Dump #3

  1. What a great dump! 😆
    I loved that series Space: 1999!! It brings me back to a particular time… so many great tv shows. It reminds me of the Bionic Man, The Bionic Woman, The Love Boat, and Fantasy Island…. the 70s were so amazing as a kid… so much magic.

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