The Art of the Ad: Take Home Elvira with Thriller Video

Last time in this space I discussed the popular 1980s Coors and Coors Light ads featuring our favorite horror hostess with the mostess Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Well, it’s Halloween season and Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) wasn’t just a brew-pitching barmaid, no siree, so I’m bringing her back for another round.

Elvira has been the face—and, um, cleavage—of many different advertising campaigns over the last several decades. From Mug Root Beer to Slice, Elvira has slung a lot of beverages to a very thirsty and adoring audience.

Beyond thirst-quenching drinks though, Elvira has also thrust other products—and, um, her cleavage—at us over the years. One of my favorites was during Thriller Video’s brief ‘80s run of home video horror. Elvira hosted Thriller Video’s VHS releases, appearing before and after each “film,” most of which actually originated as episodes of the British TV shows Thriller and Hammer House of Horror. Alongside their trademark tombstone, Thriller Video put Elvira front and center, knowing full well it was her face—and, um, cleavage—that would sell horror fans on springing for these obscure VHS titles.

So here’s the Queen of Halloween doing her thang for Thriller Video in a series of spooky and sexy ads and VHS box covers. Some of these were grabbed from VHS Collector or off eBay listings.

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