Elvira, Mistress of the Cake

Even though it’s my birthday soon, I’ll gladly share this gift with all of my friends:

Yep, that’s Elvira, Mistress of the Dark herself, looking really excited to celebrate my latest trip around the sun. I’m just so honored she’s popping out of my cake! What a surprise! I can only imagine how many similar requests she gets, so I feel pretty darn special.

I shouldn’t be too surprised though, as Elvira has happily brought her unique “sassy lassie with the classy chassis” style to the Starfire Lounge a few times before. Earlier this year she reminded us of that time she should’ve won an Academy Award, and last Halloween she appeared in a two-part look back at some of her most memorable work as the world’s sexiest product pitch-woman. Elvira has actually lent her comedic brilliance and legendarily rockin’ body to plenty of other advertisements over the years.

The woman who brings Elvira to life is, of course, the inimitable Cassandra Peterson. Like another, more notorious Lounge favorite, Peterson is a former Vegas showgirl with legs for days. In Cassandra’s case though, a steady and successful career as a dancer-model-comedian-actress led to her big break when she auditioned for and got the part of hostess for a Los Angeles late night horror show. Along with her trusted comedy partner, the late Robert Redding, she created the sexy punk-valley-girl-vampire character Elvira and soon after skyrocketed to fame. For more than forty years now, she’s been that rare breed in popular culture, an icon like Elvis, Marilyn, and Bettie, instantly recognizable all across the globe.

The Mistress of the Macabre’s got cake and she knows how to use it. Looks like she’s getting ready to give us a slice, but not before she takes a lick first…

…it’s impossible to talk about Elvira without lapsing into innuendo, isn’t it?

Elvira’s birthday surprise also reminds me that we’re halfway to Halloween. It’s almost here, I can feel it!

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