Queen Bettie: Bangin’

[Photographer Jerry Tibbs was] the one who got me wearing bangs. For years I had my hair parted down the middle in a ponytail, tucked down around the sides. But he said to me, “Bettie, you’ve got a very high forehead. I think you’d look good if you cut some bangs to cover it.” Well, I went and cut the bangs, and I’ve been wearing them ever since. They say it’s my trademark.

Bettie Page

“Bettie bangs” have been so ubiquitous for so long now in pop culture that it’s almost easy to forget who made them so ubiquitous. It’s Bettie Page, after all, who inspires fashionable fans of every stripe to get the her hairstyle. Bettie’s trademark bangs clearly influence punks and rockabillies, but it goes so beyond that: Bettie bangs are everywhere, and have been decades now. I can’t think of another person who’s hairstyle transcends so many generations, and across so many years. You’re just as likely to see someone sporting Bettie’s bangs today as you were ten, twenty, thirty, forty years ago. That’s amazing.

Before another bangin’ Bettie gallery, here’s a quick note about Bettie’s upcoming 100th birthday, taken from the official Bettie Page Facebook account:

We are thrilled to announce Bettie Page Day, Nashville, TN- April 22, 2023🎉🎉🎉

Celebrating what would have been Bettie’s 100th birthday, the mayor of Nashville (Bettie’s hometown!) has declared April 22 as “Bettie Page Day”- she will be honored with a historic marker at her former high school as well as a birthday celebration that evening! Please join us to celebrate the Queen of Pin-Ups!🖤
Thank you to @mitchoconnellart for the official poster, @culturecringe for their extraordinary efforts in making this happen, and @nashvillelusciousladies for sponsoring the after party!

If you’re in or around Nashville (I really wish I was!), check out the celebration and report back!

Now, on to the bangin’ Bettie pics, as promised.

Bangs helped draw attention to Bettie’s truly, stunningly beautiful face.
Brushing and styling before another pinup shoot.
Just Bettie, leaving us speechless again. Normal.
The Dark Angel, cracking a smile.
If looks could kill: Shimmering bangs paired with shimmering nylons.
Betties signature killer bangs, expressive eyes, and pouty lips, full stop.
Hold all my calls, Bettie’s on line one.
Lady in red.
If Bettie’s pouring, we’re drinking, every time.
Doing the ‘do.
Careful lipstick application is a must.
I had some fun with filters here. I think it’d look sharp on a t-shirt!
The smile that could melt even the coldest hearts.

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