Carroll Baker’s Gialli at the Drive-In Asylum

Over the years I have fallen completely in love with the Italian giallo film genre. From Bava to Argento to Fulci and beyond, I am positively hooked on the style and mood of these lurid, pulpy Italian films. A year or two ago I picked up Severin's gorgeous, six-disc box set The Complete Lenzi/Baker Collection. … Continue reading Carroll Baker’s Gialli at the Drive-In Asylum

Random Image Dump #5

A new year calls for a fresh batch of random images. Cheers! German actress Elke Sommer and, um, ‘69. Ahem. Bravo to the author of Sommer’s fun, informative, and purple prose-laced IMDb biography, which begins: “This gorgeous Teutonic temptress was one of Hollywood's most captivating imports of the 1960s.“ National treasure Carla Gugino as Silk … Continue reading Random Image Dump #5

A Sampling of Movies with Big Anniversaries This Year

As always, a new year brings with it new, milestone anniversaries. For instance, 2023 is the twentieth anniversary of Lost in Translation (2003), the thirtieth anniversary of Dazed and Confused (1993), and the fortieth anniversary of Scarface (1983). It’s also the twenty-fifth anniversary of The Last Days of Disco (1998), the thirty-fifth anniversary of two … Continue reading A Sampling of Movies with Big Anniversaries This Year

Christmas on Film

I love the look of Christmas season. The more bright, colorful lights strewn about the better, in my opinion. Mistletoe and holly and candy canes, oh my! Keep it coming. So I thoroughly enjoy when Christmas movies go all in with their yuletide vibes. In the best Christmas movies, the seasonal trappings are a key … Continue reading Christmas on Film

Thrill Me: Happy Birthday, Tom Atkins

A lot of Gen Xers grew up consuming a steady diet of the following: Kool Aid, Pixie Stix, humor magazines and comic books, and as many horror, fantasy, action, and other gritty and/or goofy genre movies as we could get our hands on. From Kurt Russell being the ultimate cool antihero in Escape from New … Continue reading Thrill Me: Happy Birthday, Tom Atkins