Calendar Girl: Julie London for February

Like so many people, I definitely suffer from seasonal depression this time of year. No month brings me lower than February. With apologies to all with birthdays this month, I have always considered February the worst month of the year. I am not alone in this opinion. Yes there’s Valentine’s Day, but that “holiday” is all about selling chocolate hearts and making lonely people lonelier. So, not to suggest drinking away your sorrows is a wise move, but if your February mood is similar to mine then Julie London has whatcha need: Smirnoff.

Scorching hot advertisement aside, Julie London doesn’t need to offer alcohol to improve our moods. All she needs to do is sing this month’s track from her 1956 album Calendar Girl and our spirits are lifted. With lyrics like, “But January’s gone and February’s here / Here am I without a valentine,” the song content leans into the month’s signature blues, but as usual London’s voice is so darn alluring and soothing that it’s impossible not to feel better while listening to her smoky vocals. Of her sultry singing voice, London once said, “I sing low and sexy because I can’t sing any higher.” Clearly, she hit on a winning formula.

Her Valentine’s Day pinup for the month sure doesn’t hurt to help chase away the winter doldrums either, does it?

“February Brings the Rain”

3 thoughts on “Calendar Girl: Julie London for February

  1. “Emergency!” reruns and a crush on Julie London are 50% of why my wife went into medicine. I’m sorry to hear of your February blues and hope the month passes quickly for you.

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