Calendar Girl: Julie London for May

For May’s Calendar Girl track, Julie London sings wistfully of how “People Born in May” love deeply, consequences be damned. They’re also apparently always searching for someone born in July. Why? Your guess is as good as mine, but it’s another delightful tune made memorable by Ms. London’s trademark smoky, sexy vocals.

Her May pinup is just as memorable, with a bikini-clad Julie picking May flowers brought on by April showers—perhaps for her lucky July lover?

“People Born in May”

3 thoughts on “Calendar Girl: Julie London for May

  1. Julie’s song hit a spot with me as I was born in May. Listening to Julie and looking at her pinup has left me feeling wistful. I was definitely born too late.

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  2. Turning 31 on the 9th. I’ll try to remember to relisten to this on Tuesday because what greater gift is there than Julie London’s voice?

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