Middle Finger Monday

Social media users loves a good days-of-the-week hashtag, and Monday has its share of them. There’s Monday motivation, Monday mood, Monday morning, Monday blues, and more. My favorite, the one that most speaks to my sensibilities and feelings about Mondays, would have to be Middle Finger Monday. Flipping the bird is one of life’s most cathartic acts. No other gesture is as elegantly effective at telling the world to fuck off, either. Sometimes though it’s an expression of love between like-minded souls. Like swearing, there’s a beautiful, poetic aspect to flipping the middle finger. Also like swearing, it’s a very personal act of expression, meaning that no two middle finger flippers will do it the exact same way.

So, in the spirit of expert middle finger flippers everywhere—which includes yours truly—here’s a gallery of photographs to get your Monday off on the right foot. Or, more accurately, the right finger.

Born in the USA, where thrusting the middle finger is an art form.
She just took you for all your money in poker and now she’s rubbing it in. And you’re not even mad about it.
I need this jacket.
I miss Tony’s middle finger salutes so much.
Kiss off, baby.
Not ready for prime time players.
🎶 The knuckle bone’s connected to the middle finger bone 🎶
She looks like she’d be a lot of fun to know. Best nun ever.
Cool Middle Finger Luke.
When you’re trying to be professional in the meeting but that one asshole is back on his bullshit.
Hell no, we’re not!
Fuck off! Peace! The bipolar double salute, RDJ style.
I don’t know who they’re flipping off but it’s inspiring to see so many middle fingers in action at once.
🎶 I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way🎶

Musicians might be the undisputed kings and queens of the middle finger. It’s such a punk rock move that it’s probably a little cliche now, but that doesn’t even matter. Punk rock will never die.

Patti Smith will always be the epitome of cool to me.
🎶 Hey, if that ain’t the rock’n’roll animal himself, what you doing bro🎶
Raw power.
I love how you can tell there’s a sly, mischievous grin behind Joan Jett’s double-bird salute. She don’t give a damn about her bad reputation!
Taylor Swift wins all the cool awards, doesn’t she?
Eddie Vedder: “This is not for you!”
Johnny Cash, with maybe the most oft-reproduced middle finger salute in history.
Madonna, seemingly paying homage to the Cash bird.

Now get out there and give Monday the what-for, because it’s a beautiful goddamn day in the neighborhood!

One thought on “Middle Finger Monday

  1. That was so much fun to read!!
    I was at the tender age if 9 when I began using the middle finger to express myself. Of course Mom caught me and scolded me… so I’ve had to work through some issues with shame. I’ll keep trying!! 😆

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