So long Stacy, and thanks for all the Pfeiffer


I’ve started this, deleted portions, and started over several times now. I guess I’m just trying to reconcile that you’re gone. It still doesn’t seem real. Cancer, though, is as real as it gets, and fuck that merciless disease for taking you away from your life, your family, your animals, your friends.

God, how many years ago was it now that we met on social media, thanks to our shared passion—okay, obsession—for all things Michelle Pfeiffer? Six? Seven? And it was all thanks to you reaching out to compliment my writing on Pfeiffer pfilms—the first of countless times you sincerely expressed how much you liked and connected with my work. Just know that your generosity never went unnoticed, my pfriend.

Not only did we love Michelle movies, we also shared a pfavorite Pfeiffer role and movie: the downtrodden, cynical, and hurting Frankie, from Frankie and Johnny. Anyone who loves and relates to Frankie as deeply as I do—and for the same reasons—is obviously aces in my book. You knew your Pfeiffer stuff better than anyone, which is why you were a natural fit to manage Steven Archer’s popular pfan site, Pfeiffer is Pfabulous, and it’s social media accounts, Pfab Pfeiffer.

Almost at the same time we bonded, I met Kelda, another super pfan. The three of us quickly became the Three Amigos of Michelle Pfeiffer pfandom (I don’t think anyone else referred to us that way but we were legends in our own minds). Suddenly, just like that, I was connected with so many other Pfeiffer pfans I didn’t even know existed. Meeting you set off a cascading effect where I met one knowledgable and passionate pfan after another, in quick succession. It was a magical few months, as this online community grew and connected us all. Over the years and through thousands of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts and DMs—where you, Kelda, and I sometimes seemed to be in a friendly competition to see who could Pfeiffer-ize the most “f” words into “pf” words—we gushed about Michelle and also kept each other up to date on our lives. When I went through some difficult times in 2018-2019 related to an aging parent, you two were there for me. Pfriends pforever.

I spent some time this week scrolling through several years of our group chats. Wow, what a joy it was to be reminded how relentlessly supportive we all were of each other. Stacy, your voice—vibrant and funny, even in the face of life and death adversity these last few years—still lives on in those chats. Your Fisher Stevens rants will never fail to make me laugh (seriously, how did that guy win Michelle’s heart, even briefly??). Your enthusiasm for celebrating anniversary release dates of Michelle’s films was infectious. I marveled at your encyclopedic recall for dates of Michelle media appearances. Most of all, your kindness and generosity, which you so selflessly gifted to Kelda and me for all these years, will inspire us always. In one of the last messages you sent, you thanked us profusely for our support and called us your “two sweetest pfriends.”

And now, it’s just Kelda and me, the dynamic duo. Still twinsies (as you jokingly called us), but without our fearless leader. I’m eternally grateful we were able to know you for so many years. I think I speak for Kelda when I say that Michelle, and Frankie and Angela and Selina and every other Pfeiffer character you adored so deeply, will remind us of you always. We miss you, but we’re relieved that you’re not suffering anymore. Rest easy now, my pfriend. You earned it.

I sure hope they’re playing a Michelle marathon out there in the great beyond, just for you. And if they’re not, then I bet you’ll organize one real soon.

6 thoughts on “So long Stacy, and thanks for all the Pfeiffer

  1. Pfabulous tribute to your pfriend Michael, reading this I feel sorry I never had the pleasure of associating with Stacy. I’m sure we would have got on pfabulously, and I’d have enjoyed joining the “friendly competition to see who could Pfeiffer-ize the most “f” words into “pf” words!” My thoughts are with you, Kelda and all the other pfans who will be mourning the loss of a pfriend.

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    1. Thank you Paul! It means the world to hear from you. I met you, Stacy and Kelda all around the exact same time. What a magical time it was! I’m so grateful for your pfriendship.

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  2. Oh Mike, what a beautiful tribute to Stacy. You captured our pfriend and our pfriendship so well. You always have the right words. Thank you for writing this.

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