Queen Bettie: Jungle Girl

During the brief but prolific period of time that Bunny Yeager photographed Bettie Page, the two created an absolutely stunning array of classic cheesecake shots. One outing in particular has become especially popular over the years and that’s the “Jungle Bettie” sessions. In these photos, Bettie sports a scandalously high-cut animal print loincloth while hanging from tree limbs with a knife in her mouth or posing with ferocious jungle cats.

These photos of Bettie as the savage jungle girl, surviving harsh jungle life on her wits and athletic (smokin’ hot) body alone, can be found on an infinite amount of merchandise, tattooed all over people’s bodies, and in every corner of pop culture, from album covers to comic books and beyond. It’s understandable why these photos are so often reproduced: Bettie looks positively fierce and outrageously sexy. They’re iconic shots of an iconic woman being an icon.

Clearly, Bettie’s athletic body was built for jungle living.

Nothing says “musical comedy” like Jungle Bettie.

Bettie and Bunny, with a couple of beautiful feline friends.

Uh oh, she’s really in trouble this time!

I think the word you’re searching for here is “sultry.”

That look. Have mercy, Bettie.

Even a jungle girl has to wash and dry her loincloth now and then.

Just a couple of ferocious badasses, nothing to see here.

When Jungle Bettie attacks!

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