The Starfire Lounge Turns 3

Three years ago today, four days before my birthday and just over a month into lockdown due to a global pandemic, I sat down and registered this domain name, briefly did some site window dressing, then knocked out my first post, all in about an hour or two. It was a spontaneous act that I … Continue reading The Starfire Lounge Turns 3

Baby Pfeiffer, Baby Fran, and the Hollywood Knights

What was the elevator pitch for The Hollywood Knights (1980)? “It’s American Graffiti meets Animal House, only twice as silly and half as fun!” Sold! I don’t care how inferior it is to those films, though. I have a major soft spot for this one. Overall, it’s a frivolous and fluffy affair, a crass teen … Continue reading Baby Pfeiffer, Baby Fran, and the Hollywood Knights

Random Image Dump #7: Michelle Pfeiffer Edition

The name of these image posts is Random Image Posts, but now and then I might cheat a little. In that spirit of rebelliousness, here’s a randomly selected set of images…each of which happens to be of Michelle Pfeiffer. As the inspiration for and patron saint of this site, Michelle can hijack these or any … Continue reading Random Image Dump #7: Michelle Pfeiffer Edition

Lost and Found: Personal Effects

I know I’m a lot older than you…and I know I’m all fucked up… Linda, Personal Effects Michelle Pfeiffer’s long and storied movie career is filled with so many classic and iconic roles. I’m talking about you, Frankie, Susie, Angela, and Selina, among others. So, a small movie like Personal Effects (2009), that basically went … Continue reading Lost and Found: Personal Effects

A Sampling of Movies with Big Anniversaries This Year

As always, a new year brings with it new, milestone anniversaries. For instance, 2023 is the twentieth anniversary of Lost in Translation (2003), the thirtieth anniversary of Dazed and Confused (1993), and the fortieth anniversary of Scarface (1983). It’s also the twenty-fifth anniversary of The Last Days of Disco (1998), the thirty-fifth anniversary of two … Continue reading A Sampling of Movies with Big Anniversaries This Year

Happy New Year

Susie Diamond: So, make any resolutions? Jack Baker: No, you? Susie: Nah, I figure all that stuff's a bunch of crap, anyway. You do what you do, right? Just as Christmas Eve stirred memories of Susie Diamond (Michelle Pfeiffer) and The Fabulous Baker Boys, so does New Year’s Eve. That’s because the film’s most famous … Continue reading Happy New Year