Sing Us Out, Susie

The new year arrives in a matter of hours and chances are we’ll still feel as confused, nervous, and lonely as we have for the last ten months of this year. Hopefully, though, 2021 brings some positive change for us all. And on that note I just want to mention a few positive accomplishments from this ghastly year, one of which is this website that you’re reading right now.

After five years, I shuttered my old blog early in 2020 and opened up the Starfire Lounge. It was the best thing I could’ve done for my writing. It encouraged me to break some old habits and try new things. And I reacted to the disruptive, frustrating 2020 by often writing shorter, more direct pieces that spoke to whatever was on my mind at the moment. That was the one goal I set for myself with this site, and I’ve achieved it pretty consistently since launching in April.

I’m not that skilled at self promotion but I should also mention I was published in print this year, in the new book Tonight, On A Very Special Episode, Volume 1. I have two essays in this mammoth tome. It’s a book every pop culture junkie will want to have on their shelves. It came out in November and can be found online, along with Volume 2. I wrote about Taxi and WKRP in Cincinnati, two shows that have meant the world to me growing up and still do. The project really was a dream come true and I’m still floating a bit from being so fortunate to join such a stellar group of writers—many of whom are also my friends.

So those are the writing highlights of the year for yours truly. Now, because this site is named for a club in one of my favorite Michelle Pfeiffer films The Fabulous Baker Boys, let’s sit back and listen to the gorgeous, silky-voiced siren Susie Diamond sing us out of this interminably long year. Hearing her golden voice as the clock strikes midnight sounds like a wonderful way to kick off what we all hope will be a safer, healthier new year. And if she’s looking for a New Years kiss, I’m sure any one of us will be happy to step up and help her out.

3 thoughts on “Sing Us Out, Susie

  1. Happy New Year Michael! I’m pleased to hear that you’re pleased with your move to WordPress. I may not always be familiar with the subject matter, but I do always enjoy reading your writing. Good luck with your endeavours here at The Starfire Lounge, and elsewhere, this year. I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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