The Art of the Ad: Sex, Lies, and Video Games, Part II

Last year we gazed back into the golden age of arcade and video game advertising, when ad agencies went all in on sexy (and often sexist) ad campaigns. It was a very different time. Well, there were more than enough examples to warrant a sequel post, so here it is. This time, with 100% more Elvira!

Based on these ads, playing video games in the 1970s and 1980s was considered extremely sexy. Well, I was there and I can tell you, that notion is false. The ads might’ve lied to us, but they sure were memorable (and not always for the right reasons).

Get your joysticks ready; it’s time for another 8-bit journey back in time.

Wham bam thank you hot pants ma’am!
Still blows my mind the premiere international team event in tennis lent its name to this, uh, cheeky ad.
Using a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader to market a baseball game doesn’t make much sense to me, but no one complained, so why should I?
Even the Mistress of the Dark got in on the sexy video game action. They again, Elvira can’t help but make everything she lends her likeness to sexy.
Take home Elvira for Commodore 64!
Elvira is too sexy for just one video game, so of course she got a sequel.
Bulging muscles! Heaving bosoms! Lasers galore! The Megawars look awesome.
Hooters is the official sponsor of the Moon War.
Beam her up, Scottie.
The infamous Gameboy bondage ad. Still creepy.
Poor Jungle Queen stars all by herself in the ad but
can’t even get the game named after her.
1973’s Gotcha from Atari originally came with joysticks that resembled breasts. I told you, it was a very different time.
Okay, it’s pinball but who cares—it’s Elvira, and she’s BUILT! I mean, the GAME is built. Yeah, the game.

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