Queen Bettie: Funny Girl

Part of Bettie Page’s unique gift as an entertainer was that she fully understood how to draw eyes her way. Bettie knew exactly how to enhance her innate sex appeal through her choice of lingerie, stilettos, and the absurdly sexy contortions she could twist her body into. Importantly, she also added a sense of humor to much of her work, and that gift for comedy really sets her apart from any competition. She could mug for the camera like nobody’s business. Quite simply, she was perfect model for the type of work she did.

Here’s a fun gallery of Bettie being sexy and silly. It’s really not fair, is it? The woman is already sexy beyond human comprehension, but then she goes and gets silly on us which, Jesus H. Christ, just makes her even sexier than she already was. Have mercy, Bettie.

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