Season of the Witch: Sukie Ridgemont

What scares me isn't how short life is, no, it's the pain, all the pain. I don't understand why there has to be any pain. I adore Sukie Ridgemont, one-third of the famous Witches of Eastwick from the 1987 hit movie of the same name. She’s one of Michelle Pfeiffer’s most pure-of-soul characters—kindhearted mother, sweet … Continue reading Season of the Witch: Sukie Ridgemont


My love of October is well documented. Autumn is in full swing, replete with crisp air and colorful foliage. Pumpkin coffee and ales of all sorts are flowing like wine everywhere. And of course the best holiday ever is being celebrated with spooky decorations and horror movie marathons—Halloween. It truly is the most wonderful time … Continue reading OctoberPfest

We Like to Watch: Body Double

Many filmmakers explore the themes of doubling and voyeurism, but few have done it as consistently or successfully as Brian De Palma. One of the handful (or two handfuls!) of masterpieces in his filmography, Body Double (1984) perfectly illustrates De Palma’s (and D.P. Steven H. Burum's) visual interrogation of these elements while also implicating us, … Continue reading We Like to Watch: Body Double