Lost and Found: V.I.P.

The overwhelmingly positive response to the new documentary Pamela, A Love Story has been a pleasant reminder that people really do love Pamela Anderson. For years, decades even, she’s been reduced to a punchline in the media, thanks to everyone’s obsession in the nineties with a leaked, intimate tape featuring her and then-husband Tommy Lee. … Continue reading Lost and Found: V.I.P.

Bad Girls We Love: Molly from Batman (1966)

Decades before Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) movie ignited Batmania across the land, the original Batmania spread like wildfire after the debut episodes of the 1966–1968 Batman television series. One of the few instances of an honest-to-goodness pop culture phenomenon, Batman’s camp sensibilities and colorful pop art style endeared it to millions of fans, including yours … Continue reading Bad Girls We Love: Molly from Batman (1966)

The Art of the Ad: The Playboy Club

At some point in the 1970s, probably just a couple of years before I was born, my parents and some of their friends visited the Playboy Club on East 59th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan. I know this because of the Playboy swizzle sticks stored in a kitchen cabinet during my childhood, which I … Continue reading The Art of the Ad: The Playboy Club

Random Image Dump #6: Super Sunday Edition

The Super Bowl always reminds me of my father. He loved football. Oh, he had a healthy cynicism when it came to the multibillion dollar behemoth known as the NFL. I inherited that from him. He could compartmentalize though, tuning out the troubling aspects of the sport and the league long enough to enjoy the … Continue reading Random Image Dump #6: Super Sunday Edition

Random Image Dump #5

A new year calls for a fresh batch of random images. Cheers! German actress Elke Sommer and, um, ‘69. Ahem. Bravo to the author of Sommer’s fun, informative, and purple prose-laced IMDb biography, which begins: “This gorgeous Teutonic temptress was one of Hollywood's most captivating imports of the 1960s.“ National treasure Carla Gugino as Silk … Continue reading Random Image Dump #5

Lost and Found: This Girl for Hire

I don’t know what the future of streaming media looks like, but I do know that we’re living in the golden age of choice when it comes to old movies and television. I’m always going to be a proponent of physical media (my bursting, buckling media shelves can attest to this), but sometimes you either … Continue reading Lost and Found: This Girl for Hire

A Sampling of Movies with Big Anniversaries This Year

As always, a new year brings with it new, milestone anniversaries. For instance, 2023 is the twentieth anniversary of Lost in Translation (2003), the thirtieth anniversary of Dazed and Confused (1993), and the fortieth anniversary of Scarface (1983). It’s also the twenty-fifth anniversary of The Last Days of Disco (1998), the thirty-fifth anniversary of two … Continue reading A Sampling of Movies with Big Anniversaries This Year